Friday, August 14, 2015

Streaming Audio

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Numbers A

Track 3: Numbers B

Track 4: Phrases A

Track 5: Phrases B

Track 6: Phrases C

Track 7: Phrases D

Track 8: Phrases E

Track 9: Phrases F

Track 10: Story

Citation: Paul L. Hooper and Valeria Kulundary (2015) English-Tyvan Audio Phrasebook. Santa Fe Institute: Santa Fe, NM. [ Click here to access Dr. Hooper's academic website. ]

Other Tyvan language resources

K. David Harrison and Gregory David Anderson (2006) Tuvan Talking Dictionary. Swarthmore, PA: Swarthmore College. AVAILABLE ONLINE.

Gregory David Anderson and K. David Harrison (2003) Tuvan Dictionary. Munich: LINCOM EUROPA.

Gregory David Anderson and K. David Harrison (1999) Tyvan. Languages of the World Materials 257. Munich: LINCOM EUROPA.